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                  Impartiality and confidentiality statement


                  To ensure the impartiality of test results and protect customer and country’s confidentiality, Eqo Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. issue this declaration:

                  1     本公司嚴格按照有關法律、法規和國際貿易慣例,獨立公正地開展業務範圍內的工作。

                  1. Our company implements services in business area according to relative laws, regulations and international commercial practice strictly.


                  2     本公司獨立開展檢測、認證及能力驗證提供業務工作,不受任何商業、財政和其它內、外壓力,不參加任何可能影響自身公正地位的活動。不從事與檢測以及出具的數據和結果存在利益關系的活動;不參與任何有損于檢測判斷的獨立性和誠信度的活動;不參與和檢測或者類似的競爭性項目有關系的産品設計、研制、生産、供應、安裝、使用或者維護活動。

                  2. The company provides test services and proficiency testing providing independently without influence of commercial, financial and other internal or external reasons and pressures. The company will not carry on the test and give the result that relative to commercial activities and will not participate any activities that will influence the independence and credibility. The company will not take part in product design, R&D, production, supply, construction, usage or maintenance that relative to test or similar competition activities.


                  3     本公司信守協議,優質服務,確保質量。公司嚴格履行職業道德和工作人員守則,嚴守國家秘密、商業秘密、技術秘密及客戶秘密。

                  3. The company will observe the contract strictly and provide excellent services to ensure the quality. The company will implement professional ethics and working personnel code of practice and protect the national, commercial, technical and customer’s secrEQO.


                  4     本公司全體人員務必按照《質量手冊》及相關文件所規定的程序開展工作,公司對出具的檢測數據、結果和報告的真實、客觀、准確和可追溯負責。

                  4. All staffs in company shall implement work based on quality manual and related procedure. The company is responsible for truthfulness, objectivity, accuracy and traceability of test data, result and report.


                  5 本公司對實驗室活動中獲得或産生的所有信息承擔管理責任。

                  5. The laboratory shall be responsible for the management of all information obtained or created during the performance of laboratory activities.                                                               


                  Eqo Testing and Certification Co., Ltd.


                  總經理  General manager:  雷再明  Lei Zaiming  


                  Mar 11, 2019